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tair ring sport wireless headset

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tair ring sport wireless headset

"I wonder," she said, "if you and Agnes would go to town for me after lunch? Mother says you may have the pony-trap and drive in. I want you to get"


"You had better call me Lucy," said the girl after a pause. "We are all girls together. You are at school and I am at school."

Now, to forget yourself is the very road to bliss. Many people take a long time finding out that most simple secret. When they do find it out and act on it they invariably live a life of great happiness and equanimity, and are a great blessing to other people. Lucy and Rosamund were farvery farfrom such a desirable goal, but for a few hours they did act upon this simple and noble idea of life, and in consequence were happy.

Lucy did not know why Aunt Susan's talk affected her so much. She still kept her hand on the old lady's arm, and they walked slowly up to the house. As they were approaching it she said suddenly, "Now that I have seen you, I mean to do my very best. I know it is remarkably brave of mother to have started the school and to have the girls here, and I know I ought to help her, and not to be cross because her ideas are not my ideas. And I will try, and I will remember your story and what you have said, for you always suit me, and you always understand me, Aunt Susan. But may I ask you one thing, one great favor?"

"Well, girls," she said, "I must say that I think we are placed in a rather disagreeable position at Sunnyside."

"Whatever you likeLucy," said the little girl, making a pause before she ventured on the Christian name.

"Well, it was in this way. We had no governess; we used to go to a sort of schoolnot the Merrimans', for they had not started one at the timeand I used to teach the little children, and things were rather at sixes and sevens. Not that father ever minded, for he is the sort of man who just lets you do what you like, and I think that is why we have grown up nicer than most girls."

Rosamund bowed her head. The tears she could not repress brimmed to her eyes. Suddenly she flung off the Professor's detaining hand.


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