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how to connect any wireless headset to ps4

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how to connect any wireless headset to ps4

There came a day, however, when Irene took it into her wild little head that Hughie needed a lesson to be taught him.

"Yes, I will go away," said Lady Jane. "I have arranged it. But what is your request, Irene?"

"Well, no. I don't think anybody would try to do it a second time."

Meanwhile Rosamund had gone into the room. She made a slight noise, and Agnes, only half-asleep, opened her dark eyes and fixed them on Rosamund's face.

"Oh! don't begin by praising her," said Lucy. "I don't think I can quite stand it."

"Of course not. It is very selfish of me; but I miss her all the same."

"You heard last night that she was very ill. Lucy told you. Lucy has been talking about you. She said you were very queer when she came in here last night, and didn't show a scrap of feeling. But I am sure you are sorry for her. She is in great danger, Rosamund."

"Suspect me or not as you please," she answered, "but let us find little Agnes. The night is cold; there is sleet falling outside. It will turn to snow before morning. Where is the child? After all," she continued, speaking more like a grown woman than the wild sort of creature that she had been a few months ago, "she is under your charge, Professor Merriman, and you are bound to do your utmost to find her."

"I vow I will," said Irene.


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