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noise cancelling bluetooth headset for truckers

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noise cancelling bluetooth headset for truckers

"How hot it is!" said Irene. "Let us fly down the stream."

"Oh, shouldn't I just love it!" said little Agnes. "Fancy my being your baby, and then having a baby of my own! Oh, it seems altogether too beautiful! Isn't she sweet, Emily?"


"But I am so happy," said Irene, who had been helping some of the little girls to climb up and tumble down cocks of hay, and otherwise disport themselves. "I didn't know other children could be so nice; but I find poor children are much nicer than rich ones. They have no manners, which I detest, and just say what they think. They have been telling me some home-truths, and I have been laughing like anything. I didn't know I was such an ogre; but it is great fun to hear it from the lips of the children."

She forgot Hugh, to Hugh's own amazement. She took Agnes' tiny hand and led her toward the house. Miss Frost longed to follow; but Rosamund held her back.

"That is just it, and I want her to be unsuspicious. You must be kind to poor Frostyforgive me, we always call her Frosty; but at the same time she must exercise the wonderful and healing influence she possesses over Irene."


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