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increase mic volume bluetooth headset

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increase mic volume bluetooth headset

"Will you lock the door now?"

"Perhaps; but do say you are not anxious about her."

"Then the others, mother?"

"Oh, I'll just get into bed, dear, if you have a headache. But how suddenly it has come on!"

"No, I don't mind even her," repeated Irene. "I only say that as long as Rosamund is with me I shall be a good girl, just because I can't help myself; and if any one were to take my Rosamund from me I should be worse than ever."

"Aren't you? What a relief! Well, come on; I can't sit still any longer. I have got to order our tea to be sent to the boat, and we will get into mid-stream and keep all the world at bay. Can't you tell me there what you wanted to say?"

"Irenewhat a pretty name!" she said to herself. "And from all accounts she seems to be what old people would call a difficult young person, and to young people she is doubtless delightful. Anyhow, I expect I shall have some fun; and as my absence is certain to be found out, and I am certain to get into a row when I go back to the horrid Merrimans', I may as well enjoy myself while I can."

"What is that, dear?"


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