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noise protection headsets with bluetooth

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noise protection headsets with bluetooth

"I was at another school, and this one seems perfectly beautiful," said little Agnes. "I think all the girls are quite nice."

"Of course, every one in the place respects her," she said.

"Then she needn't know for the present. But where is she?"

"And why shouldn't I like her?" asked Rosamund.

Miss Archer was a most splendid director of a school. She was the sort of woman who could read girls' characters at a glance; and as her object was to spare Mrs. Merriman all trouble, and as she was now further helped by Miss Frost, a most excellent teacher herself, and Mademoiselle Omont took the French department, there was very little trouble in arranging the lessons of the different girls.

"First of all, may I ask you what you think of little Agnes? Is she in danger?"


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