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beats headsets wireless

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beats headsets wireless

"But why not, Rosamund?"

"Mrs. Brett, my kind sister-in-law, has promised to take all my young people to her house in Dartford," he said. "She proposes that they should return with her immediately. Then the house will be quite quiet for the invalid, and there will be no danger of the disease spreading."

"II would rather not speak of it," said Miss Frost. "It is all over now." But she shuddered as she spoke.

"What is being jealous?" said the little girl.

"Certainly; he is your pony," said Rosamund. "You have every right to drive him."

It was a very beaming face that greeted Lucy and the rest of the party when, accompanied by Mr. Singleton (the father of the fair-haired girls, and the rector of the parish), they all appeared in the church porch. Lucy went straight up to Rosamund.


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