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premier bluetooth wireless headset

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premier bluetooth wireless headset

"Oh, indeed! you accuse me of falsehood, do you?" said Lucy.

Lucy colored with rage. Rosamund gave a quiet smilea smile which seemed to denote power. Phyllis's dancing eyes lit for a moment on Lucy's face. Those eyes said in the most provoking manner, "I told you so." And then some one went to the piano, and a minute or two later all the girls, Lucy included, were dancing round and round the room in the merry waltz.

"Oh, is there any chance of my playing like that?" she once exclaimed.

Lucy raised her father's hand to her lips. She loved her mother, but she adored him, with his slight stoop, his scholarly face, his gentle smile, his kindly eyes. There were few men more beloved than Professor Merriman. He had given some really great books to the world, and was a scholar in the truest and best sense of the word. When he instructed Lucy, which he did now and then, she regarded those moments as the happiest and most sacred of her life.


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