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wireless headset compatible with synj sb67148

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wireless headset compatible with synj sb67148

"If you are at all sorry, will you come? There isn't a minute to lose."

"Of course you may, Rosamund. But I am afraid it will be you and Miss Frost alone, for nothing would induce Irene to set foot inside that place. She has always refused, notwithstanding every effort of our dear clergyman to invite her to visit them. I have asked the children here, for they are nice children; but they are too much afraid of her to come. I do not think you will find the visit a success, even if you do induce Irene to accompany you."

"What is that, my dear?" asked her aunt.

Her bright eyes filled with tears, and Laura was softened at once.

"I am glad," said Rosamund, her eyes brightening. "I want to be grown-up," she continued. "I want to have done with school."

"Father, aren't you tired?Miss Cunliffe, you are tiring father," said Lucy at last, running up to the door and trying to speak calmly.

"My hand on it," said Rosamund suddenly; and she held out her little white hand, which the boy grasped heartily.


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