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wireless headset mike system

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wireless headset mike system

"I want to speak to you, and alone," she said.

"Oh, mother darling, when have you seen your dear friend?"

But at last there came a day when there was a decided improvement. The diphtheria was gone, and the young patient began slowly to pass from danger to convalescence. Then a load seemed to be lifted from every one's breast; and Rosamund really turned, as she expressed it, to consider her future life. During the time of waiting she had a certain influence over Irene; not, perhaps, so much as on the first day, when that young lady, charmed, bewildered, and amazed by Rosamund's firmness, had followed her lead unflinchingly. Rosamund now had to consider herself. She wrote, therefore, a long letter to her mother.

"It seems hardly worth while," said Phyllis.

"Yes, I understand," said Phyllis.


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